While Zana Messia has fashioned a hybrid of traditional and contemporary, Eastern European and classic American musical influences, she is also a master storyteller, a deeply emotional singer and poetic while simultaneously lyrically edgy songwriter who makes the sadness of heartbreak somehow seem magical and life affirming. Christophe Levine, author of “Eclectiblogs – Weekly Meanderings for Music Head Co – Eclectic, Inc,” captures her essence, when he says, “Think really great female vocalist …on a world tour adapting the music to each culture along the way. “I live and feel and experience life very deeply,” Messia says, “and sometimes I feel like I will look back someday on the struggles and pain I’ve been through and realize that when circumstances were the hardest is when I was most alive. I feel like many people live in shells, afraid to experience the amazing variety of emotions that life offers us.. The story I tell is not simply in the words and imagery that every song has but in the overall emotional palette I create with the music.  She is currently writing the material for her up & coming album, which will be released in 2020, in collaboration with some very talented and exciting names in the music industry.